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Welcome to a world that's focused on you! I love that you’ve found me and I'm truly excited for the opportunity to create the most beautiful images of you and your loved ones, to cherish for a lifetime! Everything I do is ALL about YOU! I love spreading joy and making people feel good about themselves… letting you feel seen, heard, appreciated, and beautiful inside and out! I already know that you’re a special person simply because you were drawn here! We’ve already connected on some level and that melts my heart because I know what an amazing experience you’re about to have! :)

It's my promise to make the whole process as easy for you as possible, because you’ve probably never done this before and you might feel confused, a little nervous, or maybe even downright terrified to get in front of a camera! Are you thinking you’d rather be making a dentist appointment? LOL! I won’t invalidate you and dismiss your feelings of fear by saying, “Don’t worry!". Instead, let’s take a moment to allow you find your own level of comfort as you read on, easing yourself into the realization that I’ve got your back the whole way through. :)

Everyone is nervous in anticipation, but as soon as we start our session they see how much love and care I put into paying attention to all the details, and gently guiding you through, so you always know exactly what to do. You’ll never feel alone, vulnerable nor clueless in front of the camera. As a master poser, I know how to make you look your best, whatever your body type or level of self-confidence. :)

Sincerity equals trust. Nobody senses that better than kids. From newborns to teens, they feel safe and secure with me. That shows in that they not only cooperate, they actually have fun! I’ve never actually had a moody teen “to deal with” in session, that I hear other photographers complain about. Respect, love, sincerity, and fun are reflected back as respect, love, sincerity, and fun - in the session and in the gorgeous photographs that are made in that environment. People see this in my work and that’s what draws them in. :)

Love, fun, and gorgeous photographs! That’s what I’m all about! I focus on the love and the rest just comes together beautifully. I’m easy to work with because it’s not about my ego and what I want… it’s about you looking and feeling amazing! Your session will actually be FUN!! Everyone always tells me afterwards they really enjoyed it... that it really wasn't what they expected... and that they can't believe how relaxed and natural they felt, and that they had a great time.

As a compassionate, empath, I just intuitively sense a person's fears and insecurities. Understanding what you're feeling, I know how to reassure you and put you at ease in front of the camera. This lets your inner beauty shine through, even if you're camera-shy or think you're not photogenic!

Most photographers aim to capture the light that reflects off of their subject, but I seek to capture the light that shines from within!"

A great image is a reflection of the interaction between the people on each side of the camera. When we're all relaxed, we make beautiful images together! I know you will treasure your ready-to-hang Heirloom Portraits for a lifetime, preserving your family history as you pass them down through the generations as your legacy!

Whether I'm shooting a maternity session, children's portraits, a last minute wedding, or a glamour session that makes a woman fall in love with herself, it's always my desire to create the most beautiful photographs you've ever seen of yourself and your family! "You'll Fall in Love with Yourself!"©


J Richards

Her heartfelt client testimmonials clearly show how devoted Jo Anne is to providing extraordinary customer service and creating amazing images that you too, will cherish for a lifetime.

sue bryce photographer at Javitz Center NY

Sue Bryce

Jo Anne with her mentor, world renown portrait photographer Sue Bryce. Sue is a living legend, having won countless high-profile awards. She is an incredible teacher, and as a person, she is beautiful inside and out. Jo Anne has been studying under Sue, on an ongoing basis, for the past several years, and will continue to do so, as she always strives to learn and improve - always, and in all ways.

Jo Anne is an award-winning photographer, published world-wide in books, magazines, etc. She has also attended the workshops of world class photographers such as Joe McNally, David Zeiser, Hanson Fong, Doug Gordon, Bruce Dorn, Sandy Puc, John Woodward, Rick Salmon, and taken on-line courses with Scott Robert Lim, Peter Hurley, Lindsay Adler, Kirk Voclain, and many others.

Monte Zucker workshop long island ny

Monte Zucker

Jo Anne shown here studying in the earlier years with the late, legendary portrait master, Monte Zucker. He was as sweet, kind-hearted, and generous in the sharing of his knowledge, as he was talented in his art.

clay blackmore photographer workshop bellmore long island ny

Clay Blackmore

Jo Anne shown with Clay Blackmore, protege' of the legendary Monte Zucker, as a student in his workshop.

"Jo Anne was a darlin' to work with. She made me feel so comfortable and was able to pull that girlish playful strong and sexy woman out in my pictures. I loved our session" - Chamain B.

"Extremely sweet, knowledgable and responsive!" - Cailin P.

"It's not often that we meet people of the utmost integrity and who are the professional that they claim to be. I'm one of those lucky people who found the "Angel" I was looking for to help me at the age of 66 and newly divorced, looking for a job, find that photographer, Jo Anne, of Defining Imagery Fine Photography, who made me feel like a princess. Through her kindness and encouragement and most of all her sincerity, I was able to get through a sitting and feel so good about myself and the pictures being taken. Jo Anne takes her time and gives you the sense of friendship. She takes immense pride in her work and I unhesitatingly recommend her for any photography needs you may have. I, for one, will surely call upon Jo Anne whenever anyone in our family wants to have the ultimate experience. Thank you Jo Anne for being you!!! I'm greatly appreciative." - Susan B.

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