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Defining Imagery engagement sessions are a blast! Jo Anne especially loves working with couples and is amazing at creating beautiful, natural looking poses to help tell your story. On location around Long Island, in the beautiful Babylon parks she loves working in, or in the studio, your engagment photography session will become a treasured memory, in itself, with incredible images to remember this special time in your new lives together.

Jo Anne is truly gifted at making people feel comforatable in front of the camera, so she can draw out your inner beauty, even if you're  camera-shy or "not photogenic"! Check out her simple steps that make this all easy and fun for you!

Engagement Photographers

Every engagement session is different, reflecting the personalities and unique relationship of each couple. Jo Anne enjoys working with a wonderful variety of people, of all ages, nationalities, religions, and orientations. From very traditional, conservative young couples in pre-arranged marriages, to older couples, their 2nd time around, to modern same sex couples, the thrill of capturing the joy of a loving relationship is something Jo Anne considers to be a profound honour.  "To be invited to be part of the most imporant moments in a person's life, is truly a gift to be cherished... and I do! I am so blessed and honoured to have such amazing clients to work with!".

Marriage Proposal Photogrpahers

Jo Anne loves to join in on the scheming to make this special moment a surprise! Whether you'd like to propose on the beach, in the park, or at one of your most favorite romantic places around Long Island, Jo Anne will capture that moment in brilliant artistry! She's even had proposals take place in her Babylon studio, right in the middle of a "couples portrait session"!

Proposal Photography

Jo Anne was so good at not letting Emily catch on, prior to Kris's proposal, that Emily actually asked Jo Anne if she would be so kind as to take a snapshot of the two of them with Emily's cell phone! LOL! She had no idea that Kris had hired Jo Anne  to capture his proposal! Jo Anne casually played along and suggested to use her own camera, and just send Emily a copy of the image. The unsuspecting Emily provided Jo Anne with her email address, then stepped back next to Kris to pose for the shot. He then dropped to his knee, ring in hand, and popped the question! Jo Anne snapped away, wtih Emily still not even realizing that Jo Anne had been hired by Kris and the whole thing was prearranged! LOL!

In-studio Marriage Proposal

Jo Anne suggested that this surpise proposal take place right in her studio, figuring that the bride-to-be would never expect a proposal mid-session. Jo Anne just couldn't resist playing it up, so when setting up the next pose, she casually asked if they were engaged, because if there were a ring, she'd want reverse the pose to show it off in the photos. Amandeep said no, they weren't engaged. Little did she know what was coming! LOL!  As Jo Anne then moved on to the 3rd pose, according to plan, Kirat "asked" if he could try his own idea for a pose. Jo Anne, going along with the scheme, eagerly agreed to give it a shot! While his girl was distracted by Jo Anne, he grabbed the hidden ring from the adjacent shelf and got down on one knee. The priceless moment of absolute shock on Amandeep's face is one that they will now treasure for decades to come!

Same Sex Engagement Sessions

We love working with our gay and lesbian clients, and they love that Jo Anne is masterful at gender-neutral posing, and would never ignorantly attempt to put her same sex couples into contrived, gender-stereotyped posing.

Choose Your Location!

You may opt for a studio session, park, beach, your home, or your favorite romantic place! This is all about you and your unique relationship. Get inspired with interesting images you find around the web, and Jo Anne will re-create them with your own personal twist! Inspiration abounds! She is knowledgable enough to be able to replicate a variety of styles for you, and she loves a good challenge! LOL!

"Jo Anne was an absolute pleasure to work with and very accomodating. Our pictures came out amazing and we could not be happier. Thank you Jo Anne! " - Ashley C.

"Joanne was hired to take our engagement pictures and she did a fantastic job! She was very flexible with when and what we wanted to do and she even gave us great advice like where's a good place to get makeup done and the kinds of things we should wear or even helping us figure out where to take pictures because we had no clue where we wanted to do that. I highly recommend her :)" - Erin H.

"Jo Anne is an incredible photographer! My fiancé and I had a great experience! She was so helpful with the planning process. I had so many questions before the photo shoot and Jo Anne responded to each one very quickly. Her price was higher than the others, but keep in mind that quality is always better than quantity and that is something that Jo Anne definitely delivered to us. I needed the photo shoot and pictures delivered within two days and Jo Anne worked until 3am to get me my pictures! I highly recommend her as a photographer!" - Marissa S.

Defining Imagery Proposal & Engagement Photographers

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