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Defining Imagery event photographers of Long Island, offers an amazing selection of party photography packages to fit any budget, from backyard to banquet hall! By focusing on quality over quantity, you can indeed afford world class images! Most clients agree that they'd rather have several gorgeous prints on the wall or in an album or book, than hundreds of cheap amateur snapshots on a disk, that never get printed because they're just awful. Why waste money on 5 or 6 hours of low quality snapshots , when in 1-3 hours, Jo Anne can capture the candids and formal shots brilliantly, in the first half of the event when everyone looks fresh and excitement is running high? You'll be so thrilled that you hired a true professional photographer  to create beautiful, high calibre images that capture the essence of your event for you to treasure for a lifetime!

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Photography

Not everyone has the budget for a party in a castle, but you can still receive quality images fit for a king or queen! When it comes to Bar & Bat Mitzvah photography, we offer a full compliment of photography packages to please the most extravagant to the most budget-minded family. As a full service photography studio, we also offer a complete line of stunning products, from loose prints, metal prints, canvas wraps, to framing and coffee table books, to finely crafted premium custom Italian leather albums.

Sweet Sixteen Photography

Planning and event can be such a stressful time! We would sincerely appreciate the honor of being chosen as your event photographer, for your Sweet 16, Mitzvah, or Quinceanera. Allow us to put your mind at ease, knowing that you are hiring a dedicated, trustworthy professional artist who cares about your event candids and formal family portraits as much as you.

Quinceaneras Photography

If budget limitations have scaled down your party, don't fret! It doesn't mean you can't afford one of the best event  photographers Long Island has to offer! This is your child's special day and you don't have to skimp on a quality when looking for affordable photographers. Be smart and put your money into quality imagery!

Anniversary & Birthday Party Photographers

Jo Anne captures all the details into which you put so much thought. You've planned the day, and booked the event venue or prepared your home for the big day. The cake is ordered and the decorations are on their way. You've spent your whole budget and then remember that you didn't hire a photographer!

Don't get sucked into a cheap quote that promises a ton of images on a disk. That's not the way real professional photographers work - that's  a newbie or amateur wannabee! They are not going to be able to provide you with this calibre of event photographs, and when the day is done, you'll likely have no usable images and your memories are lost forever.

Anyone charging less than about $200 an hour for event photography is not charging professional rates. The 2-3 hours I spend at the event is only a tiny part of your job. In total, I will put in about 25 hours of labor! The lowball pricers will spend only the event time, then burn the snapshots to a disk, trash and all, and they're done 10 mintues after they get home.

With Jo Anne, you will receive a beautiful selection of professionally composed and captured, developed proofs, cropped, color-corrected, and digitally enhanced... that you will love! Your only problem will be having too many great images to choose from, instead of desperately trying to find a decent one in the batch.

Children's Birthday Party Photography

No matter the location you choose, from one of the numberous children's birthday party venues onLong Island, what stays constant is our confidence in our reputation to deliver beautiful images that capture the essence of your event, the fun, and the relationships. You'll surely want to order some beautiful prints and a custom coffee table book of your amazing images! After all, no one has ever hung a DVD on the wall!

Fact is that 90% of people who receive their images digitally, end up not printing them... and that's because they just aren't print-worthy images. Real professionals offer a full line of print products because they know that digital files are not archival and will ultimately corrupt, or devices will fail, or technology changes and your memories will be lost forever.! Prints  can last a lifetime and beyond, and be passed throught the generations as your legacy. That's why every event package comes with a bonus print credit, so that you may display and cherish your precious photographs for decades to come!

Graduation Party Photography

Jo Anne is skilled at posing individuals, couples, and groups. The amateur you'd consider hiring for the full day, at a budget rate, won't possess the knowledge and skills to create images of this calibre. No real professional can do a full day for a few hundred dollars. When it comes to photography, you get what you pay for. It's so much wiser to hire a true professional artist for a few hours, than an amateur for a day.

Pre-Prom Photography

Jo Anne will create stunning images that preserve your special day, to treasure for all time! In 2-3 hours, she will capture the heart of your event, in formal poses, casual poses, and candids. If the budget is tight, you certainly don't need hours of redundant images of people sitting at tables, that you'll never hang on the wall or put in an album.

Jo Anne is particular about capturing candids of vitually all your guests, as intrusively as possible, and she gets it done in the allotted time. She love doing what she calls, stealthy "Fly on the Wall" images, that capture real moments and interactions. Her clients adore these precious, treasured moments that melt their hearts!

For smaller parites of less than 75-100 guests, can start to get annoyed by a camera constantly on them. They'll turn or even block their faces. They'll allow a few shots, early on, and then they're done. They don't want hours of the camera on them, and you don't need 10-20 shots of each guest either!

Holiday Party Photography

Isn't it a waste to pay to have a photographer there for the dinner hour anyway? When people are eating, you can't photograph them! So that's when the photographer takes a break, and you're even paying extra to provide their meal!

After dinner, guests are starting to "wilt"... hair is drooping, makeup is no longer fresh, shoes are off, dancers are perspiring, and guests are getting tipsy - not the ideal time for photos! The best images come early on, so Jo Anne is capturing everyone fresh in the day, when they look their best!

Beach Party Photographers

As equally beautiful as Jo Anne's artistic posed portraits captured at your event, are the amazing candid shots that create palpable memories. As you look upon your images, for years to come, you'll feel the essence of what the day felt like to be there, and relive it once again, because you made a very smart invenstment by chosing quality over quantity.

Capturing all the Details!

So sad for the client who was lured in by a cheap package, only to find themselves later tossing a DVD of worthless snapshots into a drawer, forever more recalling her tears of disappointment in memories lost...  because she made her decision based on price. No portraits on the wall, no book nor album to treasure as a family legacy. Amateurs will sell you on quantity, promising hundreds or thousands of images on a disk. Of what value is the quantity when no usable quality exists?

Bridal Shower & Baby Shower Photographers

People are often confused about to select a photographer. They don't know the real difference, so often just choose based on the lowest price. That's a recipe for disaster. Here are some of the red flags: Are they a licensed business? Can they provide the required certificate of insurance the venue will need? Do they accept credit cards for certain payments? If not, its often an amature looking to make unreported cash on the side from a hobby. Do they provide you a professional written contract and request a deposit? Without that, they often become no-shows, when they get a higher paying gig last minute! Can they show you hundreds of consistantly beautiful samples of their work, or just a few "lucky shots" that they can't replicate for you? Are they a member of Professional Photographers of America? Do they charge less than $200 per hour? "Natural light photgrapher" is is code for the having no idea how to properly use lighting equipment!

Coming across any one of the above is a massive red flag. The more red flags there are, the faster you need to run! The average price of wedding photography in NY is $3,800. Event photography is event photography whether its a  wedding or birthday party... 5-6 hours is 5-6 hours. If it costs $3,800 for 6 hours for a wedding, one cannot possibly expect to pay just a few hundred for that same 6 hours and get anything resembling professional photography. The only thing you'll likely get is burned. That's why they're known as "shoot-n-burn" photographers. Cheap price. Worthless snaps burned to a disk. Money wasted. Memories lost. Please don't fall for the low prices and big promises. Choose quality over quantity!

Christening / Baptism Photographers

In the end, whether you have 1-3 hours of event coverage, or opt for a full 6-12 hour day, when it comes down to selecting your images for print, Jo Anne notes that more hours of shooting does NOT result in more images being selected for the walls and albums. It's just more unused images that weren't necessary. She can shoot for an hour or shoot for a day, but the average order size doesn't change! Because she is so adept at capturing special moments as they evolve, beautiful interactions between guests, and fablulous believable poses, she nails the perfect shots repeatedly, in a shorter time-span, with way more great images than needed! Her clients' biggest problem is trying to figure out what to eliminate from their favorites, because thre are too MANY to choose from!

With Jo Anne, you'll have far more excellet shots to select  from, even though the shooting time is shorter! Quality always wins out!

"We hired Jo Anne to take photos of an intimate Sweet 16 Dinner Party for our daughter. She was professional, responsive and genuine. We clicked with her immediately, and her images captured the essence of the evening! When viewing the photos you can not only see, but you can also "feel" what a lovely evening it was. The pure joy on our daughter's face was captured in so many of her images. Thank you, Jo Anne for such beautiful photos!!" - Kathy S.

"JoAnne of Defining Imagery shot the photos of our very budget-conscience remarriage. The photos were lovely as is Joanne who was responsive from booking thru to the end." - Carol C.

"Jo Anne is amazing! She connects with the essence of who you are and captures you in all of your beauty!! I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you!!!" - Toni S.

"Jo Anne is a true artist. Her work was beautiful! I appreciated Jo Anne's quick responses to all of my inquiries. Her finished work is beautiful!" - Suzanne L.

"Jo Anne was a pleasure to work with! She made the entire experience wonderful and my mother was extremely happy with how the pictures turned out. She was prompt and fun to work with. I would recommend her to anyone and I will most certainly use her in the future!!!" - Melissa M.

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