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A Defining Imagery Portrait Party is an amazing idea for childrens birthday parties, bachelorette parties, or just for a fun way to have beautiful portraits made of your children, your family, or yourself! Just like a jewelry party, but better! Earn big discounts towards your portraits by hosting a Portrait Party! Moms are always connected to a network of other moms, or gather the girls at work, or a group of your besties for the most fun you'll every have getting portraits made! So, if you're searching for a fun day out with the girls, or the besst children's party ideas on Long Island, this tops them all!

By sharing the session fee with your guests, everyone saves money - the same high quaiity as our private portrait sessions, but at a hugely discounted price that makes professional portraiture affordable to everyone! So, gather up 5-10 of your besties, or kids, or 3-5 families, and invite them to share in the fun and savings of a Defining Imagery Portrait Party! As hostess, you'll earn gifts and bonus credits towards your package, based on the portrait purchases made by your guests! Everyone has fun and everyone ends up with the beautiful portraits of themselves or adorable portraits of their little ones, that only JoAnne's unique artistry can provide.

Are you tired of poor quality school portraits? Jo Anne says, "After 17 school portrait sessions (plus retakes!), my children have brought home exactly ONE image that was nice enough to hang on the wall! Between horrible color casts, poorly composed images, and terrible expressions, every year it was retake and reject!" NO MORE!!! Talk to your childrens' class mothers, teachers, & the PTA to arrange a class Portrait Party as a school fundraiser. The classroom is one of Jo Anne's favorite places to take pictures! Two dozen adorable subjects! A flood of beautiful window light! It's picture paradise for her!!! And for you... the whole class gets beautiful artistic childrens portraits that they'll treasure for a lifetime. All at a price that's likely less than your paying on school photo day now! We can't think of a better way to put the "fun" in fundraiser!

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  • Contemporary Glamour Portraits
  • Family Portraits
  • Children's Birthday Parties
  • Tween or Teen Birthday Parties
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • School Fundraisers
  • Sweet Sixteen Parties
  • Just for the fun of it!

Children's "Studio Look" Portrait Parties"

Invite your girlfriends to bring their kids, for some incredible children's portraits. Jo Anne will photograph each child individually as well as in sibling combinations. You'll be so much happier with your images than stiff poses and forced smiles you end up with from school picture day!

Children's "Casual Look" Portrait Parties

Gather up the neighborhood kids, your siblings' kids, or your children's classmates for a fun-filled children's portrait party where Jo Anne will create beautiful images you will cherish for a lifetime! Make the photo shoot the main activity of your tween or teen's party! You young supermodels will love it, and their incredible portraits to rememeber it by!

Family Portrait Parties

Invite your friends along with their spouses and kids, and we'll make some amazing family portraits, as well as individual shots of each child, and various combination shots. Or go in on the session with your siblings and their families and Jo Anne will create beautiful portraits of each family in various groupings. We'll also do some group shots of all of you and/or all the kids, so you can give the grandparents the most beautiful gift of portraits of their children and grandchildren as holiday, birthday, or anniversary gifts!

Glamour & Boudoir Portrait Parties

What could be more of a blast than getting together with all your besties for a Glamour Party? Bring your favorite glam or boudoir outfits and Jo Anne will create the most beautiful photographs you've ever seen of yourself! Plan a night on the town afterwards and make an evening of it! Hair and makeup services avaliable for an additional fee. This is the perfect start to your bachelorette party! Great for an intimate bridal shower... girls' night... birthday party... or just to celebrate your friendship!

Jo Anne will create several images for each participant to choose from. Each attendee's paid fee includes session admission, private selection appointment, and a $100 image credit to spend towards your selection of beautiful, professionally edited print or digital portraiture. Jo Anne's images are so captivating, that you may likely want them all! She offers a stunning variety of ways for you to show off your gorgeous images, in wall art, loose prints, framed prints, metal prints, canvas wraps, albums and coffee table books.

Session fees are paid at the time of booking to reserve the date. No one will be asked to purchase anything during the party, so unlike jewelry and makeup parties, there isn't any awkward and embarrassing pressure or obligation, to make a purchase you really don't even want! Am-I-right? LOL!

After your party, Jo Anne will choose  the best images as "artist's selects", to be retouched and edited in her unique artistic style. When the images are ready for viewing, there will be a two-week period of private,individual in-person selection appointments at Jo Anne's West Babylon studio. At that time, your guests will decide how they would like to spennd their image credit, and may choose to make any addtional purchases, should they desire to do so. There is never pressure nor obligation to purchase any additional images, but don't blame us if you just have to have them all! LOL! The great news is, as hostess, the more they buy, the more bonus credits you earn towards your amzing images!

Your bonus credits will be earned on all purchases made by your guests, at their selection appointments. For every $10 your guests spend, you earn $1 dollar in bonus credits to spend towards your party portraits!

* For school fundraisers, each paid student will also receive a bonus 5x7 class picture. Parents will be emailed a PDF proof sheet from which they may make their image selections.

"Jo Anne was great! Very accommodating Had a great connection with my kids. Very professional and I completely recommend her" - Nancy J.

"Jo Anne's enthusiasm is infectious, her professionalism is on point- wonderful experience overall, would highly recommend!" - Yolanda G.

"Our pictures came out great and Jo Anne was very nice to work with!" - Neha B.

"Jo Anne is a true artist. Her work was beautiful! I appreciated Jo Anne's quick responses to all of my inquiries. Her finished work is beautiful!" - Suzanne L.

"Our photographer had as much fun as we had." - Elva Z.

Defining Imagery, the best party ideas on Long Island!

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starting at *$65 per child

starting at *$39 per child

starting at *$95 per person

*minimum attendance required

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