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Pregnancy Pictures

How wonderful for your child to grow up, seeing these images in your home, knowing that they were so wanted and loved that you started photographing them before they were even born!

Although a mother of three (including a set of twins!), I missed out on having any pregnancy portraits created for myself by any professional maternity photographers, as it was not yet customary. And if it's not bad enough that I don't have any professional pregnancy photos, I barely even have anykind of pictures of myself when I was pregnant! If it weren't for someone taking a candid at my baby shower, I'd only have one photograph of myself pregnant! So, if you're thinking about doing this, book it now, before it's too late, or if that cute lil' one comes early,  you'll very likely regret having missed the opportunity.

Jo Anne will guide you through her simple steps to great portraits, making everything easy and fun for you!

Capture this Fleeting Time!

Now that I'm shooting maternity sessions for my clients, I wish I had the same opportunity to hire a professional photographer back then. Every woman should have beautiful maternity portraits made. It's priceless! Pregnancy is such an amazing time to capture the beauty of a fleeting moment in the course of a lifetime. Before it slips through your fingers, take the opportunity now to schedule your Defining Imagery maternity portrait session. Not only will you appreciate just how radiant you are right now; baby will see how wanted and loved they were even before they were born!

Makes the Perfect Baby Shower Gift!

A maternity portrait is a gift to both you and your baby. Speaking of baby gifts... a maternity photoshoot is definitely high on the top 10 list of the best baby shower gifts! It's the most creative and personalized one, that a mom-to-be will cherish for a lifetime! Can you imagine a more amazing shower gift than a gift certificate for a Defining Imagery Maternity portrait session? Makes a great group gift from co-workers or mommy-group friends! Purchase a maternity portrait session gift certificate now!

Your Personal Style

There are many ways to approach maternity portrait sessions. Jo Anne will work with you based on your level of comfort and the type of images you would like to create. It's always your decision. Some women prefer a tastefully artistic semi-nude intimate boudoir style shoot. Others might prefer to be more fully covered, going for a more traditional romantic vintage style in black and white, or perhaps a classy, elegant and stylish contemporary photoshoot suits you.  Then there are those in-between who opt for a bare belly with all else covered. Whatever makes you happy, and shows off that incredible baby bump, will make for the nicest maternity portraits. Remember, it's always all about you! There are some beautifull maternity outfits that are great for your photoshoot, like gowns and maxi dresses - have fun with it ladies... see what gems you can find!

Include Your Partner!

It's a wonderful idea to include your husband or partner in some of your pregnacy portrait images. This is a special time for both parents. He or she may come along for moral support, but remind them to also be well-groomed & portrait-ready, to join in on the fun and create amazing maternity couple's portraits! We can keep it simple with them or get creative! Either way, it will be unique to the two of you!

When do I Schedule?

Your maternity portrait photography session should take place about 8 weeks before your due date. You want to be far enough along that you've got a nice, ripe belly, but not so far that you are feeling bulky and impatiently uncomfortable. Don't panic if you're further along. We'll do our best to get you in ASAP so you don't miss this beautiful opportunity!

Whatever stage you're at, contact us now, as certain times of the year Jo Anne's schedule is more packed, so you want to be assured that you get on the calendar when your belly is just the right size. It's never to early to have a conversation. :)

What About My Stretch Marks?

Don't worry about those stretch marks & scars. Jo Anne will remove any distracting marks from final images unless you specifically request that she doesn't. Some women wear them proudly as a badge of motherhood, and others would avoid a session if they had to show. So, if you have a strong preference, mention it at the start of your session, so Jo Anne edits according to your preferences. As a female photographer, she totally gets it! LOL!

What are My Options for Locations?

You've got lots of options on places for your pregnacy pictures! You can choose an indoor session at my photo studio, inside or outside your home, even in your bedroom! For outdoors, there's a beautiful local park and beach right near me, or perhaps you have one nearby. You can even choose an urban setting, if that's your style!

Portrait studios are great in the winter when it's too cold outside, and if its Christmast time, there's also your home, all decorated for the holidays! Spring, summer, and fall are also lovely in the park, and everyone love that autumn color change!

For time of day, sunrise and sunset are favority times of the day, and those times vary with with seasons. 

Can I Incclude the Rest of the Family?

Of course you can include other family members too! If you have  other kids, siblings are definitely welcome! Big sisters and brothers surrounding Mom, awaiting the new baby girl or boy, are a beautiful thing, even if their already teenagers! This is family time - it's not just for the husband & wife! We can even get a couple with the dog if you want! LOL!

Are you wondering how much does a maternity session cost? LOL! Put your info in the box below and we can set up at time to chat about all these details, along with  packages and pricing info as well. I so look forward to the opportunity to create amazing images for you to treasure for a lifetime! Some day, these portraits will hang in your child's own home! What a beautiful and special legacy you are creating for them!

"I can't even begin to describe the experience with Defining Imagery. It is a time that will never be forgotten and the results were IMPECCABLE. I have never seen such beautiful images and that's not because of the people in them LOL but the quality and hard work that went into them for the final display. I would never even think to go to anyone else when it comes time for more photos to be taken. LOVE LOVE LOVE." - Brittany M.

"Jo Anne was amazing to work with. Super friendly and engaging. We love our images and can't wait to share them with our friends and family. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who has any type of photography needs." - Marie S.

"Joanne was just amazing! Took beautiful photos, & just a easy person to be around!" - Karen M.

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