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What makes our images better?

Defining Imagery, your local photographers, are a full-service boutique photography studio offering beautiful professionally edited, retouched, artisticlaly stylized ready-to-hang portraiture. This is not 1000 amateur snapshots burned to a disk the same day!  Approximately 25 hours of work go into each of our client sessions, from start to finish. See the difference in our professional portraiture. With us, you are investing in beautiful imagery to treasure for a lifetime and pass through the generations as your legacy as "Your LIfe in Fine Art!"©


The digital negative that comes out of a professional's camera is not the final product! It must be properly developed, retouched and digitally enhanced, resized, cropped, and sharpend for final output, before it is ready to be revealed to the world. The images on this page show the original raw capture file alongside the final finished artistry image. They are a world apart! This is a time-consuming process to create individual works of art such as these. We are willing to put in that time because we know that these are images that will grace your family's walls for the next 100+ years. We take the time to do this right so you can spend a lifetime enjoying them!

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Composite Images

This beautiful Sisters Portrait actually consists of three different images artistically and meticulously merged to create one dramatic image that now resides over the fireplace in their home. Their mother's stunned reaction to it was absolutely priceless! These lovely girls surprised Mom for her birthday, doing the session without her knowledge. On the evening of her birthday, they walked in with her and said, "You wanted professional portraits of us for 6 years but never got a chance to it. We did it! You're here to pick out your photographs tonight!". You can't imagine her tears of joy as she viewed the beautiful series of images of her amazing daughters!

You are NOT going to find this calibre of work from a newbie, off-the-books amateur, nor from most of the local photographers on Long Island. Our experience and dedication to quaility artistry let's us rise to the top.

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Look Your Best!

This client booked a birthday session to celebrate herself - something that every woman of every age should do! Feel like a supermodel for a day, and enjoy your images for a lifetime! This image was artistically enhanced to match the regal beauty of this queen. A series of large prints from her session now proudly adorn her walls. Women think, "Why would I hang pictures of myself of the wall?". Our question is Why would you hang generic decor images when your can hang gorgeous commissioned works of art that show you each and every day how beautiful you really are... images that make your Soul sing?

You just will not find this devotion to helping you fall in love with yourself, elsewhere! We don't alter your physical traits, we enhance them! As experts in posing, and with Jo Anne's amazing ability to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, theese are surely going to be the most beautiful photographs you've ever seen of yourself! Yes, that really is YOU!!!

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Elopement Portraits

This town hall wedding portrat is just one from a stunning series of artistic Bridal Portraits gloriously documenting this couple's special day. Hiring your typical shoot & burn photographer would not have resulted in the increible artistic imagery captured by us. Many Long Island wedding photographers won't even book a small wedding, but this is where we shine! Most of our weddings are one or two hours! Quite ironic when the most famous of photographers don't even shoot the whole event... just the ceremony and the formals, leaving the reception to thier staff photographers! Those are the most important parts for the day, that's why we're eager to work with the bride an groom who make that their priority. Jo Anne can do for you in two hours what might be a whole day of shooting for another. Her exquiste albums speak for themselves! Even if you can only afford one gorgeous framed portrait on the wall, isn't that a far better value than a disk full of unedited snapshots, tossed in a drawer, not even worth printing?

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Artisty in the Details

A good photographer is an illusionist, showing you what they, as an artist, want you to see, and hiding the rest. Much of that is done in-camera by an experienced professional, and then the rest is done in the post processing. An image is far from complete just because the shutter button was pressed! Mastery of posing is the first essential tool. That happens before the camera is even picked up! Jo Anne's mastery begins with her ability to put you at ease. Her sincerity and passion for her work are as apparent as her love of connecting with people at a deep level. She works from her Soul, allowing yours to shine through! That artist's Soul remains present right through the editing process, with a passion so clearly evident in her art. This will be an experience like no other! You won't find this elsewhere. It's so much more than a mere photo session... her images can truly change the way you feel about yourself!

"Joanne just took the most beautiful pictures of my 3 children and my niece and nephew. This will be the best holiday gift I have ever given to someone (the grandma of all the children). Joanne was professional, always in touch, and very pleasant to be around! Definitely recommend!"" - Karen M.

"This was our second time working with Jo Anne and she didn't disappoint! Our first session with Jo Anne she took engagement photos for my husband and I. This time she did maternity photos for us! We are in love with the photos and so happy to have these memories of our first child. Jo Anne is very professional and makes you feel at ease while taking the photos. She is very passionate and committed to her work. We would definitely recommend!" - Samantha R.

"JoAnne was hands down amazing! Her work speaks for itself! She was amazing to work with and really cared about her work! She also works with many difficult schedules and time restraints. 10/10 recommend her for anyone’s photo session needs!" - Allison S.

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