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Want to stand out from the crowd and WOW the casting directors? Look no further! "Contemporary Headshots with Personality!"© are our specialty. You'll look like a celebrity! No local Long Island headshot photographers are offering contemporary images of this calibre, at any price! Jo Anne's high-impact world-class images will make you look like a polished pro - even if you're an inexperienced camera-shy newbie! BTW, everyone on this page was a newbie doing their first headshot session, even though they all look like seasoned pros!

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Greg - commercial

Acting headshots are a very specific genre. Most photographers don't understand the subtle nuances of this style and don't connect with their clients to bring out their personality. Jo Anne creates headshots with IMPACT that WOWS the casting directors, who are looking at thousands of bland boring shots that all look alike.

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Gretchen - commercial

In the highly competitive field of acting, your Defining Imagery headshots will make you stand head & shoulders above the competition! I just couldn't resist the pun! LOL! Seriously, though, casting directors are taking notice and our clients are getting booked for roles over and over again!

actors headshots near me

Bonnie - commercial

Bonnie is working like crazy! Also a newbie starting out, and now she's getting cast for so many roles its hard to keep up with her! Bonnie says it really boosts her confidence at auditions when she hands them these incredible impactful headshots that capture the casting director's attention! She knows that they take her very seriously, seeing that she was dedicated enough to invest world-class professional headshots! What they don't know is that her Defining Imagery headshot session didn't break the bank! Sessions start at a very affordable rate!

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Bonnie - character

Here's Bonnie again! You'd never guess that zany, highly-commercial looking lady had this hard-ass grump in her, would you? LOL! Well, the casting directors won't know you have it in you either, if you don't show it! Every actor needs both a commercial and a theatrical headshot for their auditions. This is why Bonnie is having so much success getting cast! Submiting the wrong shot for the right role will never get you the job.

Jim - theatrical

Jo Anne and Jim laughed hysterically nearly the entire session! Jim thought her crazy, awkward poses couldn't possibly look good - but he trusted her reputataion! Jo Anne really knows what she's doing, so she kept reassuring Jim he's going to love the images. Well, Jim was blown away by his new headshots! He immediately submitted them for the lead role in a new detective series from a major cable network. The casting directors were blown away too! Jim landed the role and shot the pilot! That's the kind of results Jo Anne's acting headshots clients are getting! You could be next!

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Leeanne - child actors

Jo Anne is great with childrens headshots too! She's not afraid to be as silly as it takes, to capture those amazing natural smiles! Kids are so comfortable with her that she can get the same impactful array of expressions and moods out of her littlest clients, as she can with the grown ups! If you're wondering, "How do I get my child into acting?", the first stop is a great Defining Imagery headshot!

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Sherene - commercial

Jo Anne's images are psychologically designed to get you more eye-time with casting directors, making your images a priceless asset that will help get you hired! Her unique, contemporary style stands out from the competition. "You've only got one shot to make a great first impression!"

actors headshots near me

John - theatrical

As you see, Jo Anne is able to covey your ability to act, in a mere single still frame! She will bring out several different looks and character types by evoking all the subtle nuances of expression and posture, to capture your many different sides, revealing your versatiltiy as an actor!

"I hired Jo Anne for my daughter's headshots. The experience and service absolutely exceeded my expectations. Jo Anne is not only a pro, she is adept at making her customers comfortable and at ease during the session. Vanessa, who is 11, was extremely comfortable with Jo Anne who was kind, patient, and lots of fun. When we came back to review the photos with Jo Anne, they were phenomenal and she presented a wide-range of options for us, and all were spectacular! Throughout our interactions, Jo Anne was prompt in her responses and followed up to ensure complete satisfaction. Jo Anne is a truly gifted photographer, and a genuine and sincere person. I am so happy to have found her and she can count on me as a promoter." - Vince D.

"Jo Anne was great! She really is as good as all of her reviews here! She made me feel relaxed, which is half the battle! :) And I feel she brings out the best in you! The proofs were excellent and I'm looking forward to the printed headshot. Jo Anne knows the business and is able to help you select the best commercial shot versus the best theatrical shot, if you are a model or an actor. " - Ann-Dee

"Jo Anne was outstanding. She was professional while remaining warm. Her love of photography shows through as her pics were amazing. Highly recommended." - Kaivan G.

"I have had theatrical headshots taken several times over the course of the last 20 years. My recent experience with JoAnne Richards at Defining Imagery was beyond compare. Before the session, she provided detailed information of what types of clothes would work best, as well as what services would be provided. The session was relaxed, comfortable, and everything a photo shoot should be." - Jonathan B.

Defining Imagery Actors Headshots

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A great headshot can open many doors for you... a bad one will slam them shut!



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